What to Pack for a Day at the Beach


A day spent at the beach should be worry free and hassle free. You don’t want to spend the hours before running around ensuring you didn’t forget to pack the essentials. With the long weekend in occurrence, you can be sure to find us near a body of water ready to cool off in this heat.

Check out our go-to list of must-haves for a day at the beach (or lake/ pool).

What to wear to the beach:


Shop this Look:

Nudy Patooty – Classic Bamboo Tee
Marysia Swim – Mott scallop-edged swimsuit
Diane Von Furstenberg – Marrakesh Leather Sandals
Madewell – Pull-On-Shorts

A casual and loose fitting pair of shorts is easy to throw on when you decide to go grab an ice cream, light enough to cover you up in the sun and cute enough to have the perfect summer beach style.

Having slip on slides is essential. You don’t want to be fussing with buckles, zippers or laces, especially if the sand is hot. The leather sandals from DVF are  versatile enough to take you from beach day to dinner at the beach, without having to change a shoe! 

The Nudy Patooty bamboo tee is your go-to tee for the beach.  Without the Sweat-Secret™ Technology in the underarm, the classic tee is just that. The super soft bamboo fabric will feel lovely on the skin after a day spent in the sun and water while being quick to dry if you get it wet at all. 

Finding the perfect bathing suit can be tricky, but you want to choose something you feel great in. Whether it’s a bikini, tankini or full piece there are hundreds of choices out there. The scalloped full piece by Marysia is a simple shape, with a classic halter neckline, perfect for any activities your day brings on! If you are going to be doing activities at the beach – frisbee, football, paddleboarding or wave hopping consider something with enough support and straps to stay up without you having to hold it!

What to pack in my beach bag:


First of you need a great beach bag! This Loeffler Randall beach bag one is perforated, to make sure that whatever sand gets in, also gets out. With a convenient canvas bag inside to keep small and important things. 

You will need a great beach towel, something big enough to spend the day on while also keeping you dry and comfortable in the sand. The Beach People has some amazing round towels that allow you to spread yourself out, or invite others to share the towel space. They also look just as cute, so ensure that you are able to get the perfect beach day Instagram pic!

Sunscreen is a must-have. For a day out in the sun SPF 30 is ideal. Make sure you are re-applying every two hours, or sooner if you have been for a swim to cool off. 

To keep your party going all day long, and the music playing be sure to have a battery-powered, portable speaker packed in your bag. This one isn’t crucial, but once you have it playing, you will not be sorry. (Just don’t forget an iPod or phone to play some music from!)

Water is great, but coconut water is better. To make it feel like a holiday fancy it up with some coconut water. The taste will have you feeling like your on a tropical island, while the refreshing coconut water will be refreshing after having the sun beat down on you all day long. 

While you’re packing, don’t forget to bring some things to keep you busy during the day. You can get bored of just sitting, and may want something to throw around. A frisbee is great to pack, it’s flat and can slide right into any bag, and easy to play anything with 2 people or 20 people.

If you’re spending the day on the beach tomorrow enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Nudy Patooty xx


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