Friday Five

It’s Friday, and with that we say adiós to another week of summer! Here is a few things you missed this week and to keep the positive vibes coming all weekend long!

What I’m Reading: Cheap Airfare Coming this Fall


If you felt like the only one that stayed home this summer and missed out on getting some amazing Instagram shots and experiencing some life-changing views – you made a good decision in choosing to wait. Airfare is 

According to reports, airfare is supposed to drop 8.2% from the summer peak costs. Meaning you can afford a few more excursions on the trip or splurge on that amazing camera to capture the entire thing!

Whether you are looking to travel within the country, or abroad you can expect to see some flash sales and long-term offers on flights. Meaning you can jet set anywhere this fall without having to break open that emergency savings jar!

Life Hack: 11 bits of Advice for a Younger You!

I am sure I’m not the only one that wishes we could go back and re-live a period of our lives knowing what we know now! Edward Sullivan, entrepreneur, and executive coach shares his 11 bits of advice he wishes his 21-year-old self knew


We had a read and felt it related on so many levels! See what advice you agree with:

The best places aren’t in the guidebooks

When I travel, I love to go with the mentality of living like a local. It is way more fun finding those hole in the wall places and one of a kind shops, instead of spending your time in the tourist hubs. When you can find some locals to the area and ask them where they recommend checking out, my bet is the places they say will never show up in the guidebook you purchased for the trip.

Get frequent reality checks

This one made me laugh, but it is true. You need to listen to the truth your friends speak. They will be the only honest ones when they notice that your job, life or experiences are getting the best of you!

Wear well made Shoes and Suits that fit

We will tweak this a bit – but understanding the difference a well fitting dress can make for you, or the perfect jeans. Investing your time to shop around and find a few brands and styles that fit you great, make you feel your best and are affordable will be life changing. It will not only change the way you look, but it will change the way you feel boosting your confidence and bringing out a whole new side of you. 

Cancel meetings your not ready for

We can relate this to any type of meeting. If you do not feel prepared or comfortable to go through with the meeting, call it off. If you are going to be putting yourself in a worse situation by taking the meeting, call it off. 

Talk to the pretty girl

Take the risk and go up to the person you want to say hi to. Whether it’s someone you are admiring across the room or someone that has inspired you for years before, you are never going to lose anything for giving it a chance. 

Ignore the haters

Wherever you go there will always be people hating you and trying to drag you down. It can be difficult to pull yourself above them and move on, but when you can it will make you feel like nothing is holding you back. 

To read all 11 pieces of advice Edward Sullivan Shared 

People Doing Good: Olympic Athlete gives it all up to help an injured competitor

If you didn’t get the chance to watch the women’s 5000m qualifying race the other day here’s a recap!


After what looked like a small collision between New Zealand runner Nikki Hamblen and American runner Abbey D’Agostino, one was left injured on the floor unable to get up. Hamblin stayed back to help D’Agostino up and on her feet after twisting her ankle during the fall.

       rio-olympics-runners-help-each-other-abbey-dagnostino-nikki-hamblin-6-1.jpg     rio-olympics-runners-help-each-other-abbey-dagnostino-nikki-hamblin-15.jpg

Together they finished the last 1800m of the race supporting one another to the finish line. Both qualifying for the finals due to their sportsmanship!

Happy Friday

Nudy Patooty xx


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