How to Wear Sleeveless Tops in Fall


As soon as summer leaves and the days get cooler we immediately pack away our sleeveless tops and dresses, knowing very well that the sun won’t come out again for a couple of months. But what’s the rush, there are so many ways you can wear your sleeveless tops in fall and winter without having to brave the cold.


Shop this Look

Sans Souci – Sleeveless Sweater Knit-top
Nudy Patooty – 3/4 Sleeve Undershirt
Ted Baker – Delihat Straight Leg Tailored Trouser
Nine West – Black Heels

Become BFF’s with Layering

If you are just wanting a few extra inches attached to your sleeveless tops then choose a cap sleeve top or a simple tee. This Lace Cap Sleeve undershirt will pair perfectly with chunky knits or feminine dresses.

If you are looking for something with a bit more coverage, look for 3/4 length sleeves or a full-length sleeve for when the cold really hits. When choosing a top to layer underneath you want to be aware of the neckline, as you do not want to have 2 tops with high necks competing for attention or a V-neck layered under a scoop neck. Instead, a neutral scoop will sit well under a variety of tops and dresses. This 3/4 Sleeve Undershirt is perfect for sleeveless dresses and tops, the lace detailing on the neckline will have you wanting it to peek out! With the added underarm protection keeping you dry and comfortable all day long, so when the office starts blasting their heating system you won’t be caught with embarrassing stains as an accessory with your sleeveless tops. 

With a sleeveless dress consider layering a button up shirt underneath. For a plain dress choose a bold and colourful print, while choosing a more basic shirt for textured or printed dresses. Another way to mix it up is with your necklines. When you have a scoop fashion piece, consider a mock turtle neck or high neck for added dimension in the outfit. 

Check out some great outfit inspo below…

Merrick’s Art
Sandra Hagestam

All in all don’t pack up your favourite sleeveless tops in a hurry. Instead experiment with layering and adding sleeves underneath your favourite tops. 

Happy Sunday!

Nudy Patooty xxx



2 thoughts on “How to Wear Sleeveless Tops in Fall

  1. I would like to order a v-neck top like you have pictured more than once on the website but when I try to buy one there are none. Help!!!


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