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What I’m Reading: 10 Habits to Break for a More Productive Work Day

It can be hard to stay on your A-Game 24/7, meaning we can sometimes slip up and let our bad habits get the best of us. There’s nothing wrong about that, you just want to make sure that it isn’t becoming too frequent. These are our top bad habits from Entrepreneur’s 10 Bad Habits to Break.


Surfing the Internet

Believe it or not, it takes 15 minutes for our brains to be able to switch between tasks and re-focus. So those quick minute scans of random sites on the web, are not helping you at all. Instead, finish the task at hand, and reward yourself with 15 minutes of web browsing!


When our phone lights up, or our inboxes chime, we get a buzz of excitement (if only for a split second!) However, these little flashes take immediately take your attention away from what you should be doing, and leave your mind partially distracted until you have checked said notification. Instead, turn off your notifications and designate a specific time to check all your notifications – and catch up.

Saying “Yes”

We have been told numerous times to say yes to an opportunity when it comes our way. But saying yes to everything can become a waste of your time, and prevent you from focusing on things that really matter. Learning when it is best to say “No” will not only allow you to spend your time and attention on things that really matter, but it has been proven to decrease stress levels and help you take self-control.

Office Gossip

We thought we left that bad habit in middle school, but more often than not we are part of office gossip. There are too many interesting people and conversations to be part of, to worry about “somebody else’s personal or professional faux pas.”

Putting Off Until Later

If you don’t know Nike’s  slogan, here’s a refresher: (which for your sake I hope you do!) “Just do it!” Coined by them in 1988, it is a great motivator and reminder to live in the moment and do it now. In the work field, there are so many times that we will put off a specific task or idea until we know we will succeed. This bad habit is preventing you from so many learning experiences and opportunities.

Read all 10 Bad Habits…

Life Changer Hack: Eliminate Puffy Eyes Once and For All

Waking up with puffy or dark undereye’s is never fun, it adds extra time to your morning routine as you wait for them to calm down or to cover up, both slowing you down! What you thought could only be caused by lack of sleep and exhaustion, is actually a lie you have been telling yourself for years.

Treat your puffy eyes and dark circles differently: Puffy eyes need to be drained of the extra fluid while dark under eyes need the blood vessels constricting to prevent a build up of blood in the undereye.

Seasonal allergies can also be a contributing factor to puffy eyes, often caused by constant rubbing of the eyes. Keeping your hands away from your face (more importantly your eyes) can help prevent swelling and redness of the eyes.


  1. Crawford Street Natural Skincare
  2. Holly Beth’s Organic 
  3. Lush

Moisturizer should be your BFF. The skin under your eyes is much thinner than the rest of your face, “more prone to dryness [and] flaking”  (, so choosing creams intended for eyes will help prevent dark under eyes and puffiness while you sleep. While anti-inflammatory products will help with puffiness and promote skin elasticity to prevent wrinkles.

People Doing Good: Turning Scraps into Fashion

It is no secret that the fashion industry produces mass amounts of waste during overseas production. Cambodian designer for Tonlé is trying to decrease the amount of production waste, by taking fabric scraps and turning those into a collection of ready-to-wear pieces.


Working specifically with Cambodian factories and markets, Tonlé travels around buying scraps and fabric remanents from other designer waste and uses it as the base for her own collection.

During production, of the Tonlé collection, larger pieces of fabric get dyed and sewn into dresses and tops. While the smaller scraps get “handwoven into yarn and knit into new fabrics” Huffington Post.



See more of the Tonlé Collection here…

Nudy Patooty xx


How to wear layers for work


We all know how much the temperature in the office fluctuates in a day, it can be freezing cold one moment and then boiling hot the next. The same goes for the weather in September and October time, the mornings are always cool while by the time the evening rolls around you are leaving all the layers at work. 

How do you solve this problem? You strategically pick your layers to ensure that you can make it through any point in the day.


Shop this look:

Nudy Patooty – Lace Cap Sleeve Undershirt
Theory – Stretch- wool Flared Pant
Jil Sander – Wool-blend Gilet
Land Send – Cashmere Sweater
Anthony Vaccarello – Classic Button Down

You may be looking at the outfit above, and be thinking “I don’t know, that looks like a lot of different things!” and you’re right, it is. However, the beauty of this means that depending on the weather and time of season you can eliminate some layers, or add on. 

When choosing a base layer – the Nudy Patooty undershirt is an excellent place to start. It will help regulate your body temperature, feel soft and comfortable on the skin as you go about the day and eliminate stains from showing on your other clothes.

2nd layer – the button up blouse. When you are layering clothes, you may also want to consider playing with the lengths and textures of the pieces to add some depth to your outfit. Easiest way to do this is to choose a button-up in a longer style, this way you can wear it untucked, eliminating the constriction and discomfort that usually comes from dress shirts.

3rd layer – a lightweight sweater. This is a great third layer, as you can take this off and be seen in the button up shirt, or if you really need to cool down the Nudy with a lace trim is perfect with dress pants or a skirt. When choosing the colour of the sweater you want to keep a monochromatic colour combo, this will make it easier in the morning when choosing your layers, as well as make your outfit still look great for when you mix and match different components of your outfit. 

4th layer – the sleeveless vest. This is a great way to complete an outfit, without adding too many sleeves (which would happen if you had a coat). A sleeveless vest in a neutral colour is perfect worn open, closed or belted for a more shaped silhouette. As well as adding an additional length layer to your outfit, it gives the option to work with all the under layers as there is no interference with sleeves and necklines.

We would love to see your favourite outfit layering technique – Tag us on Instagram @nudypatooty, or use the #anythingbutbasic. 

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What I’m reading: NYFW 2016 moves all eyes to the consumer

It is that time of year again – some of us love it and some of us hate it, but secretly we all cannot wait for the next season to come so we can have a go at some of the trends that hit runways.


Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2016


With NYFW just beginning, designers are going all out with the show productions this year. Shifting the focus from the runway extravagance to ensuring their collections are seen from by everyone. Designers are focusing on the buy now aspect of the shows, allowing consumers and influencers to immediately purchase the styles from the Spring 2017 runway, instead of leaving them waiting for months on end. This idea has been considered before by brands like Banana Republic and J. Crew, however, this year more designers are having a go at buy now allowing people from all over to have a piece of NYFW, without having to trek to NYC. 

Life Hack: De-Puff Tired Eyes Instantly

Some weeks are tougher than others, and nothing screams “I am running on caffeine today” quite like puffy eyes. Unfortunately, this is also not so easy to cover up with makeup as we would hope. So to help de-puff the eyes here is 5 at-home solutions to get you looking well-rested and flawless in no time!


  1. Give yourself a massage: Gently press and massage around your eyes for a few minutes. This helps drain the liquid buildup that is causing the puffiness, while also feeling great in the am. 
  2. Freeze a spoon: If this is a frequent worry of yours, toss a few spoons in the freezer to keep them cool and handy when you need them. Pull them out the freezer and place them curve side down on your eyelids as you get a few more minutes of rest. 
  3. Brew some tea (bags): Grab some caffeinated green tea bags and brew them, toss them in the fridge to cool down (for about 20 minutes) then place them on your eyelids for 10 minutes – as you catch a few more zzz’s.
  4. Crack some eggs: Fancy eggs for breakfast? Take a bit of the egg whites and spread it under your eye (careful to avoid the lashline). Once it is dry, gently wipe it off.
  5. Grab the ice: Dunk your face in ice cold water, and keep it in there as long as you can. Repeat for a few times, until you are feeling awake and ready to take on the day!

If you still can’t seem to look like Katy Perry’s Wide Awake, then grab a Venti coffee before heading to the office and roll with the “I am on limited sleep” look. 

People doing good: When ‘Donuts with Dad’ takes a turn


Being a single parent is a challenge in itself, and sometimes when events come up specifically focusing on the relationship between your child and the other parent – you can’t help but want to do something so they aren’t missing out. That is exactly what Yevette did when her son’s school hosted a ‘Donuts with Dad’ day.

Yevette Vasquez becomes “dad” for a day

Instead of letting her son sit the event out, and miss out on some delicious donuts, she did what any mom would have done in the situation and pulled out her best “dad” look to sit down with the others. Bringing a smile to her son’s face and the other parents, Yevette was happy to see her son having a great time. 

Have a great weekend! Nudy Patooty xx


How to wear colour to the office without standing out


When looking for workwear we usually stray towards neutrals and dark colours. These allow us to blend in with the work crowd and feel like we are amongst our co-workers. This leaves the office fashion looking blah and gloomy! 

Try changing things up by bringing some colour back into your workweek wardrobe, whether it is with one statement piece or a full colour ensemble.


Shop this Look

Nudy Patooty – Signature Seamless Undershirt
House of Fraser – Pink Cigarette Trouser
Jimmy Choo – Reflective Heel
Mango – Poplin Shirt

The colour pop in this outfit is obvious, the bright pink pants. To keep things looking professional and clean look for a pant with a tailored leg fit, something in a trouser form. These will fall nicely with heels and will look great with a shirt tucked in or layered over. 

If you are new to adding colour to your wardrobe (which let’s be honest we all are!) then you probably aren’t feeling brave enough to wear a contrasting colour on top. That is totally okay. To compliment the brightness of the cigarette pants, we pulled a white poplin top – a cropped short sleeve button up with a boxy cut. This will add some volume to the top, which will help balance out the bright hue and slim fit of the pink trouser. To prevent sweat stains from ruining your colourful look be sure to layer you Nudy underneath. Remember if you are wearing a white shirt you want to choose a nude undershirt as this will become unnoticeable when layered under. 

The finishing touches of the outfit will make all the difference. To keep your trouser the statement piece in the look you want to choose shoes and bags that are simple. This grey heel is the perfect shade to balance out the white and pink, without overshadowing the attention of the trouser. 

Check out some of Nudy Patooty’s colour inspiration

Brittany of Lawyer Lookbook

We are loving this bold fashion look from @lawyerlookbook. She went full out in her colourful pieces, choosing contrasting colours that compliment each other perfectly.

How to wear at home:
If you are feeling super brave and want to have a go at mismatching colours, make sure that you are choosing pieces in a solid – we don’t want any prints added into this combination. Keep the outfit to a 3 colour maximum and be sure to tie in at least 1 neutral item – like Brittany’s Nude heels.

Megan of TF Diaries

@meganzietz dress is grabbing our attention. The colourful lines and playful print have us wanting to wear it everyday of the week.

How to wear at home:
If you have a colourful piece that is a loud bold print, be ready to catch some eyes! You want to keep everything else simple are carefree. If it is a top or bottom pair it with a neutral and simple structured top or bottom. When doing your makeup, don’t go overboard, with a statement piece like this less is more.

Grace of Color and Grace

@colorandgrace goes monochromatic with her yellow accessories, balancing it out with a lace textured burgundy dress.

how to wear at home:
If you have multiple accessories in the same colour, go ahead and have a go with this look. This is a great way to slowly ease yourself into wearing more colour. You can wear you neutral and basic items and play them up with a colourful shoe, bag, belt, necklace, scarf, lipstick or nail colour

Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen

This colourful print dress that @wardrobe_oxygen has styled is the perfect transition piece that can take you from work to weekend with a change of accessories. 

how to wear at home:
With everything going on with this dress – the long maxi, the multiple colours and the various prints you want to keep everything else at a bare minimum. The nice thing about a maxi dress is you don’t have to worry about matching another colour or finding a top to go with a bright pant,  instead it is all done for you. If you can match a pair of your shoes to a colour in the dress then go ahead and make that work, but sometimes they just aren’t right. Instead choose something in a simple colour like nude, tan and black depending on the darkness of the colours.

We dare you to give the colourful looks a try!

Nudy Patooty xx

How to Pack for a Longweekend Getaway



If weekend getaways are as much fun for you, as they are for us, then we know worrying about what to pack is never something you want to be stressing about. Having your go-to essentials on hand and some easy planned outfits, your weekends getaway will be worry free from start to finish.

In summer, any getaway is a good idea! A quiet road trip out of the city, a last minute trip to your fav. City, a wine tour at local vineyards or a staycation that lets you explore your home town. Each of them leading to their own unique adventures and must-have photo opportunities.

How many bags do you need for your weekend getaway?


When it comes to deciding which of your million purses and bags to bring, think practical and light. Make 1 bag have multiple purposes. If you can opt for a weekender tote, that can easily be emptied and used as a beach bag to haul all your picnic and drink essentials to the beach or hotel pool! This will leave you more room to pack a few extra clothes, or even give you some space to bring back a few more souvenirs!

However, don’t forget to bring a smaller purse, incase you have an evening out or for day trips. Choose something in a neutral colour, this will ensure nothing ends up clashing and you don’t have to worry about matching your bag to your shoes! A cross body bag is a great option, if you are busy sightseeing during the day you can have added security knowing your bag is slung across you instead of just hanging on your arm. In the evenings it can be slung over the shoulder, and hang nicely not to take the attention from your outfits. 

How many clothes should I pack for a weekend away?

I don’t know what is worse, overpacking and realizing you only wore about 3 things out of the 20 you packed, or discovering that you never packed something for a specific occasion. Depending on the spontaneity of the trip you may or may not know what sort of adventures and outings you are going on. In this case it is always better to be prepared, than be having to frantically pull together a fine dining dinner outfit from your pile of packed workout clothes!


Shop This Look

Classic Bamboo Tee – Nudy Patooty
Black Scalloped Hem Shorts – Madewell
Straw Beach Bag (similar) – J.Crew
Blue and Red Plaid Button Up – Frank & Eileen
Black Slides – Steve Madden

When packing for a weekend, it is best to start with the basics.

Lightweight shorts – something that can be dressed up or down depending on the time of day and occasion. A pair like these black scalloped hem shorts (Madewell) can be thrown on over a bathing suit for the beach, or glammed up for a dinner out. Something in a lightweight material is best when traveling to make it easier to pack, as well as ensuring that wrinkles can be easily steamed out when hung in the shower steam for a few minutes.

Summer Dress – Think a t-shirt or tank dress, in a neutral colour or print, a soft bamboo fabric, cotton, silk or linen fabric. Any of these will make you feel comfortable while also looking amazing, by only throwing on a simple dress. A basic style can also take you from day to night, with a simple change of accessories and layering pieces, making it easy to get 2 to 3 outfits out of 1 piece.

Button up shirt – These day button up shirts come in just about any fabric, colour and print that you want! A button up shirt can be a lot more versatile than you think. For a daytime look, layer over your bathing suit as a cover up, or wear it with the sleeves loosely rolled and tucked in with shorts and sandals for day tripping. When the evening rolls around, you can layer it on top of your sleeveless dress, or for a more tailored look tuck the shirt in nicely to a pair of shorts. With the sleeves rolled neatly or not at all.

White T-shirt – As basic as this seems, you would be surprised how many would forgo a casual tee for a more glamourous top! But what can’t you wear a white t-shirt with? The Nudy Patooty Classic Bamboo Tee, not only has you covered on the basic tee, the bamboo fabric will also help regulate your body temperature throughout the trip, ensure you are a few degrees cooler in the heat, and a few degrees warmer on those cooler evenings. You can also layer this under your t-shirt dress and button up shirts to keep them as clean and fresh as they were when you packed, as bamboo fabric naturally wicks away odours and moisture acting as a barrier between your skin and your favourite fashion pieces. See, sometimes a white t-shirt can be waaaayyy more than a plain tee!

Sweater – If you don’t pack a sweater of some sort, you may be hating yourself with the first blast of the cold air conditioning. A cardigan is a great option, as it can be worn and layered with just about anything. As well as giving you an option to wear it open or closed depending on how cold you really are.

Can I get away with packing just 1 pair of shoes for a weekend getaway?

In all honesty, yes I’m sure you can… but that’s not to say you have to. If you do it right, you can bring 2 pairs, this allows for options and allows you to mix it up based on the activity you will be doing.

Find a closed toe shoe that you know will be versatile and comfy. Choose something preferably flat, as this will likely be your daytime shoe and something that you could end up doing quite a bit of walking in. However something like these lace up espadrilles or white slip ons are classic enough to be worn with a dress in the evening for a more casual outfit too.


For your second shoe, for the summer months a sandal is a great option. Something open toe will be great for when the heat picks up, or you find yourself trekking through beaches filled with sand! A low heel with an ankle buckle offers more support for walking during the day or evening sightseeing, while the slides are great easy to pack solution, that can be thrown on and off easily.

With the perfect weekender carryall packed to the brim with your favourite essentials, you can guarantee that any weekend (or mid-week) getaway is going to be stress free and full of excitement! Leave your electronics at home for a wind down weekend, and if you want to capture the memories on camera, try going old school with a disposable film (ps. the colouring on the images will not disappoint!) 

Happy Packing & Traveling 

Nudy Patooty

How to keep your workwear look low maintenance, while looking effortlessly luxe


Whether its a Monday morning, a mid-week hump, or the excitement of the coming Weekend, planning outfits for work is never easy. Finding something you’re comfortable in and allows you to run between your after work errands, while still looking put together and nothing less than wonderful!


Wrap Dress – DVF
Red Tote – Kate Spade
Black Heels  – Nine West

The One Piece Wonder

Filling your wardrobe with dresses and jumpsuits makes it that much easier and faster to get ready in the am. No need to look for a top to match the pants, it’s a 1 hanger sort of look.

  • Investing in your Wardrobe Staples

When choosing your dresses think of the fabrics. You don’t want something that is going to cling to you, or too light that you have to fear it blowing up in every gust of wind. Jersey (like the DVF wrap dresses), linen or wool are great choices for dress fabrics, and also the most common making it easy to find.

Keep the colours and prints for these pieces as classic as you can, this way you can invest a more pricey garment, knowing you will get plenty of years of wear out of it. To update and keep your look on trend choose in season accessories. This will also allow you to transition your dresses and jumpsuits from summer to winter.

  • Alternatives to Safety Pinning Necklines

Worried about low necklines or the deep v’s that some dresses and jumpsuits have? Don’t run to the jar of safety pins you have. Instead of damaging the dress and creating poor bunching and twisting at the neckline, layer a simple undershirt or cami underneath. Something like the Nudy Patooty Lace Cap Sleeve undershirt will look intentionally placed with the peek-a-boo lace trim, as well as give you that extra coverage to keep you feeling clean all day and sweat stain free.

  • How to Avoid Laundry Each Week 

If you are investing in your wardrobe dresses, you don’t want to find yourself washing them after everywhere. As more delicate pieces, you will find them not lasting as long as you hoped with continuous washing, even if you take them to the dry cleaners once a week. How to avoid washing your clothes each week? It’s easy, layer underneath. Wearing something else that will take the beating of everyday activity and movement, leaving your outer fashion wear dirt free. Nudy Patooty undershirts are a great solution for this, fitting smoothly under your dresses for an invisible look, while also keeping your clothes and you clean and fresh all day!


Trousers – TIBI
Metallic Loafers – Shopbop
White Blouse – Aritzia

Updated Wardrobe Essentials

Wardrobe essentials for the working woman, always consist of a white blouse and a dress pant. But who says these essentials have to be simple and boring? There’s a reason they are basics, however they can be anything but!

  • Finding the Perfect Dress Pant

When choosing your dress pant you want something that is timeless. Consider a navy pant next time instead of black, you will find the change in colour will refresh your wardrobe and also not make it feel like you are wearing the same pair of black pants all week! You will also want to invest in the quality and fabrics of these pants. Finding something breathable and quality fabric will have you continuously reaching for them in the morning, and with that you want something that is going to be able to live up to the beating it is going to get on a day to day basis.

  •  Choosing a Fit 

You want them to be tailored, offering a flattering figure and shape, however not too fitted that movement is restricted. The fit of these pants will set the base for the entity of your outfit. Too baggy and most tops will have you looking like your entire wardrobe is 2 sizes too big, but too tight and you may look like you shrunk everything in the laundry.

Wearing a pant that has a slightly higher waist line will make your more comfortable throughout the day. The extra few inches will keep everything in place, while you also don’t have to worry about the low riding pants or the added bulk from wearing a belt.

  • Finding Your New Favourite White Blouse

Just because you’re filling your wardrobe with workwear essentials, doesn’t mean you have to veer towards a white button up. Instead choosing something with a more feminine shape will balance out the tailored bottoms. Something loose and breezy, you will find easy to wear and pair with just about anything in your wardrobe. To avoid added bulk and material at the hips, try something that cuts off above the hips. Pairing with your pants that have a slightly higher waistline, will make your legs look longer and create a clean silhouette.

Investing in a white top is something we often fear, yellowing underarms and dullness of the whites from washing is a pain and quickly makes your favourite shirt turn into something you never want to wear. To avoid these from damaging your whites, layer a Nudy Patooty undershirt underneath. Extending the life of your favourite clothes as you will find yourself washing much less, as well as the extra protection in the underarm will keep your shirt nothing but white! To avoid tucking in a long undershirt or cami, creating bunching and those dreaded undergarment lines, try the Nudy Patooty Crop Top. Giving you the same coverage, but cuts off just above the waist.

Wearing colour during the summer months

As we live the summer heat and long days, most of us dread wearing anything but black. We don’t want those surprise sweat stains to show, or the hassle of doing multiple loads of laundry just to separate colours / whites and darks. But what if we told you we had a solution to laundry and sweat stains?


You don’t have to fear colour anymore, wear your favourite summer layers and colours without worrying about anything with a Nudy Patooty undershirt under it all. Not only will it stop those annoying sweat stains from showing through, but it also means you don’t have to wash your favourite dresses all the time. Instead* throw your Nudy in the laundry and hang your fav summer dress back up ready to wear next time!

Shop the look and give it a try!
Green Dress (similar / similar)
Purse (similar)
Shoes (similar)

Sunday Style – Backyard BBQ

With summer around the corner, we know you’ll  be out in the heat, entertaining and running around. Why we can’t help with the ketchup stains and grass stains that come with backyard bbq’s, we’ve got you covered when it comes to the added heat from the thanks to the grill! 

Nudy Patooty Signature Seamless Undershirt
Rag & Bone Distressed Bermuda Denim (similar)
Mango Linen Sweater
Club Monaco Lace Up Espadrilles

To keep you feeling confident and fresh all bbq long, style your signature seamless under your favourite lightweight sweaters, to keep you cool and confident. Pair it with a distressed short and lace up espadrilles for that chic “I didn’t even try” look!

Shop the rest of the Nudy Patooty Collection