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What I’m Reading: 10 Habits to Break for a More Productive Work Day

It can be hard to stay on your A-Game 24/7, meaning we can sometimes slip up and let our bad habits get the best of us. There’s nothing wrong about that, you just want to make sure that it isn’t becoming too frequent. These are our top bad habits from Entrepreneur’s 10 Bad Habits to Break.


Surfing the Internet

Believe it or not, it takes 15 minutes for our brains to be able to switch between tasks and re-focus. So those quick minute scans of random sites on the web, are not helping you at all. Instead, finish the task at hand, and reward yourself with 15 minutes of web browsing!


When our phone lights up, or our inboxes chime, we get a buzz of excitement (if only for a split second!) However, these little flashes take immediately take your attention away from what you should be doing, and leave your mind partially distracted until you have checked said notification. Instead, turn off your notifications and designate a specific time to check all your notifications – and catch up.

Saying “Yes”

We have been told numerous times to say yes to an opportunity when it comes our way. But saying yes to everything can become a waste of your time, and prevent you from focusing on things that really matter. Learning when it is best to say “No” will not only allow you to spend your time and attention on things that really matter, but it has been proven to decrease stress levels and help you take self-control.

Office Gossip

We thought we left that bad habit in middle school, but more often than not we are part of office gossip. There are too many interesting people and conversations to be part of, to worry about “somebody else’s personal or professional faux pas.”

Putting Off Until Later

If you don’t know Nike’s  slogan, here’s a refresher: (which for your sake I hope you do!) “Just do it!” Coined by them in 1988, it is a great motivator and reminder to live in the moment and do it now. In the work field, there are so many times that we will put off a specific task or idea until we know we will succeed. This bad habit is preventing you from so many learning experiences and opportunities.

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Life Changer Hack: Eliminate Puffy Eyes Once and For All

Waking up with puffy or dark undereye’s is never fun, it adds extra time to your morning routine as you wait for them to calm down or to cover up, both slowing you down! What you thought could only be caused by lack of sleep and exhaustion, is actually a lie you have been telling yourself for years.

Treat your puffy eyes and dark circles differently: Puffy eyes need to be drained of the extra fluid while dark under eyes need the blood vessels constricting to prevent a build up of blood in the undereye.

Seasonal allergies can also be a contributing factor to puffy eyes, often caused by constant rubbing of the eyes. Keeping your hands away from your face (more importantly your eyes) can help prevent swelling and redness of the eyes.


  1. Crawford Street Natural Skincare
  2. Holly Beth’s Organic 
  3. Lush

Moisturizer should be your BFF. The skin under your eyes is much thinner than the rest of your face, “more prone to dryness [and] flaking”  (, so choosing creams intended for eyes will help prevent dark under eyes and puffiness while you sleep. While anti-inflammatory products will help with puffiness and promote skin elasticity to prevent wrinkles.

People Doing Good: Turning Scraps into Fashion

It is no secret that the fashion industry produces mass amounts of waste during overseas production. Cambodian designer for Tonlé is trying to decrease the amount of production waste, by taking fabric scraps and turning those into a collection of ready-to-wear pieces.


Working specifically with Cambodian factories and markets, Tonlé travels around buying scraps and fabric remanents from other designer waste and uses it as the base for her own collection.

During production, of the Tonlé collection, larger pieces of fabric get dyed and sewn into dresses and tops. While the smaller scraps get “handwoven into yarn and knit into new fabrics” Huffington Post.



See more of the Tonlé Collection here…

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What I’m Reading: Coolest Hotels Around

We all have the never ending bucket list of must-do’s; like where to visit, what to eat, things to do and all that, but how many of those things actually get checked off. 


Giraffe Manor


This list of some of the coolest hotels in the world will not only check your “travel the world” bucket list item off, but also give you some unbelievable stories and memories that you won’t be able to stop talking about for years!

  1. Mirrorcube Treehouse – Is exactly what it sounds like. Deep in the forests in Sweden, these mirrored cubes are scattered amongst the trees to give you a luxurious, mature treehouse experience, while still being able to take in the beauty of nature that surrounds you.
  2. Icehotel – This one is not recommended for those of you that hate winters. With all the furniture and room itself made of ice, it will leave you with chills! 
  3. Harbour Crane – In the Netherlands, this hotel is literally suspended by a crane! So if you aren’t afraid of heights and want to spend the night ( or two) in a log cabin hung in the air, this is perfect. 
  4. Free Spirit Spheres – Hung throughout the forests in Vancouver, these spheres offer plenty of room and variety to cater all your needs.
  5. Hotel Costa Verda – If you were a fan of Lost, or have an obsession with planes this could be for you. This hotel in Costa Rica is built around an old plane, with views that look out right onto the ocean.
  6. Giraffe Manor – A personal favourite of mine, this brings the safari right into your dining room. Built around a Giraffe reserve, the Giraffes are free to wander and join in on any hotel experiences to get up to.
  7. Kakslauluttanen Arctic Resort – This resort is made up of glass igloos, that taking sleeping under the stars to whole new meanings. Allowing you to see the northern lights, and stare at the stars for hours without ever leaving the bed.

Check out the list for even more of the coolest hotels!

Life Hack: Storing Jewelry the Best Way

Unlike our clothes, jewelry is one thing that we sometimes toss aside with the idea that out of sight, out of mind. Either that, or we have it nicely displayed in the bedroom as more of an art piece than an accessory to be worn.

While both of these seem practical for their own reasons, they may not necessarily be the best thing for your jewelry. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are storing your jewelry to keep it in tip-top shape.

Invest in Jewelry Dividers for drawers – These prevent your delicate chains from getting tangled and help keep everything separated and easy to grab.

Wall Organizer – for heavier and chunkier jewelry, hanging it on the wall is much more convenient and easy to sort. Some of these can be an easy DIY that needs less than 5 materials, or you can get real fancy and make it a focal point in any room with peg boards and paint. 

Keep things Stackable – As small as jewelry is, it can take up a lot of room. With that in mind, thing stackable and opt for boxes that can be layered on top of each other, while also nicely organizing and protecting the accessories from scratches and tarnish. 

People Doing Good: Meditation takes over Detention in the halls of schools in the U.S.

As we use Yoga and Meditation to help calm our minds and bodies as well as help balance everything, schools in Baltimore and Syracuse are doing just that. 

Instead of negatively punishing the students and putting them in detention room, these schools have implemented meditation rooms for the students to go to. Helping them calm down from their anger and build up, and allowing them to better integrate back into the classrooms.

Not only are they doing it in replace of detention, but schools are also using yoga and meditation practices throughout the day to help prevent distractions for the students, and help keep them calm and less stressed. Integrating it into the morning announcements, at the start of classes and after school activities. Allowing students to take part in different practices and teach themselves how to handle their anger and stress more realistically.

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Friday Five


Here’s to another Friday (and the best part about Friday’s – the weekend!) 

What I’m reading: Business Lunches gets Dining Etiquette rules

We have all gone on business lunches, and I’m sure at some point you had to stop yourself from doing something, as you know moments later you would regret it! To make sure you don’t lose a deal or miss out on a great opportunity, Business Insider has put together a list of rules so you can impress the team with your dining etiquette.

  1. 918f7471d8bc0c6f88439f8073df91f0Before taking a seat, make sure to shake hands with everyone at the table.
  2. Remain standing until the host sits, after which you can take your seat with the rest of the guests.
  3. Once everyone is seated, take your napkin and place it on your lap.
  4. When it comes time to order, don’t ask the waiter for a full run down of the menu, and follow the hosts’ flow of ordering. If they order an appetizer, follow suit, if not, skip.
  5. When choosing your meal, opt for easy to eat foods, and don’t get experimental with your order.
  6. This one you would think is obvious, but don’t not eat! This will leave an impression on the host. 

Life changer hack: Bringing the Yoga Deskside at Work

Most of us spend our days sitting at a desk, with the odd short trip around the office to finish a task. After hours and hours on end of sitting in the same chair, shifting around to find a comfortable position we long for movement and stretches, but want to without drawing a mass of attention to ourselves. 

Thankfully deskside yoga has become a thing, with simple stretches and moves you can do in your chair while others will think you are just sitting in your chair like normal. 



  1. Cobra Head: Neck and Spine Circles – leaning from side to side while slowly rotating your neck.
  2. Seated Cat-Cow: While seated in your chair, slowly push your chest out, arching your back and exhale then inhale and round your back, dropping your head.
  3. Desk Twist: Sitting up straight, hold on to the back of your chair and twist to the side with your upper body, holding the stretch for a count of 10. Repeat on the opposite side.
  4. Seated Pigeon: While seated, rest your ankle on the opposite knee. Inhale and exhale, as you exhale, lean your body forward onto your legs. Hold for a count of 5.

What’s getting all the attention: Nudy Patooty starts Pinning

Nudy Patooty has joined the world of inspiration, creative brainstorming and business planning. Come join us on Pinterest for inspiration on just about everything – fashion, cooking, motivation, health and do it yourself projects! 


We have been working on a creative project for our fans on Pinterest, with exclusive giveaways and fashion tips on how to wear everyone’s favourite fashion item! Can you guess what it is?

People doing good: Trudeau Expresses his Case for Gender Equality

HeforShe recently had their second-anniversary event, with speakers from all over showing their support and sharing their actions towards making gender equality a global reality. 

When Justin Trudeau showed up as a surprise speaker, he shared his reasons and expressed his dedication to the gender equality, and “gave a powerful speech about feminism and explained why men are integral in the fight for gender equality.” Huffington PostAs we continue to make slow progress in society with gender equality, Trudeau shared his concern on the fact that Men do not see their distinct role in the matter, and that both Men and Women need to take action together, to get gender equality to happen. 

As we continue to hear about inspirational speeches and movements taking place around the world for gender equality, we have to remember that with gender equality, we are making a better community for everyone. We are creating a more inspiring community for younger generations to grow up in, and we are showing support for both men and women of all ages. The more we continue to do and say about gender equality, the better the world and society is becoming.

On that note! Happy Friday 

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