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What I’m Reading: The Pantsuit 2.0 Takes Centre Stage

As Hillary Clinton continues to take the stage and spotlight in what some would call the “Pantsuit 2.0” (racked) , you can learn the secrets behind how they get chosen and the reason behind each particular piece.

We are used to the typical pantsuit; a notched collar blazer with a tapered leg trouser in a matching colour / print, but as street wear and runway styles are showing us, a pantsuit can be just as fun and fierce as your favourite dress.

With Clinton having her fair go at the Pantsuit 2.0 trend, designer Nina McLemore explains the reasonings and choices behind the famous pantsuits taking centre stage. A memorable suit mix up of hers was when she wore a collarless Ralph Lauren pantsuit, in a bright red colour. Many people said it emphasized her confidence and capability to handle her current position.

Nina discusses with Racked how choosing a pantsuit in a classic shape and conservative colour helps and “encourages others to focus on what a woman is saying, rather than what she’s wearing, but bright colors pop on television and show that she has a sense of humor.” For your next board room meeting,  skip the navy and black and choose a subtle hint of colour in a classic shape for the attention and confidence boost in the workplace!


Life Hack: Avoiding the Awkward Moments of Small Talk


  1. Find the fun in it:

    During conversation don’t be afraid of a little fun and challenge. Skip the serious conversations, and try a “tell me 3 things about your work, and I will guess what you do for a career” or “that drink looks amazing, let me guess what you’re drinking!” This keeps the conversation light-hearted and you can easily switch topics if things get quiet!

  2. Repeat what they say:

    If the person you are talking to has a hard time shutting up! When a natural pause comes in the conversation, take the chance to express your interest in what they said and summarize the main point to show that you were listening and understand the point they were trying to get across. They will feel great that you were listening, understood what they were saying and that you think it is amazing to hear all this.

  3. Take a moment of silence:

    Make sure you know what you are responding to, whether its a small giggle to a joke or funny statement, a moment of comfort towards someone that has just dealt with a tough time, or a question in response to what they are saying. Take the extra few seconds to really consider the conversation and come up with the best response before laughing at an offensive joke, or smiling in response to the person’s challenging situation.

  4. Plan your pickup line:

    You aren’t going to walk up to someone and hope they have a way to start the conversation. If you are making the efforts to talk to someone, chances are they are also relying on you to start the conversation. Have a few opening lines to get it started, depending on the person it could be a personal greeting or a general one you can re-use throughout the party.

  5. Keep it civil:

    At social gatherings, there will always be people that once the conversation has started, we find ourselves no longer wanting to talk. This could be linked to a number of things, however, don’t make things awkward or disruptive, instead take the few minutes and sit down with the conversation and then at a natural pause, take your cue to leave.

People Doing Good: Fix your Skin Troubles with 100% Pure

It can be difficult to find a decent, natural and organic skincare line that not only uses safe products but also helps fix up those skin irritations. 100% Pure is a long existing skincare and beauty line that uses these natural products, and gives great results. 

With their newly launched line now specifically catering to your individual skincare problems, you can find multiple step lines for your need. 

  1. Cucumber Juice collection for dry and dull skin will help bring some life back into your skin. With this line containing everything from a foaming face cleanser to a replenishing eye cream.
  2. Matcha Anti-Aging collection, is focused on just that! Using natural ingredients in conjunction with the skins natural abilities to repair itself the Matcha repairs damaged and aging skin.
  3. Rose-Water collection is for the sensitive skin and easily disrupted skin. The natural calming rose water helps to keep skin cool and protected from dirt and everyday wear. 
  4. High Potency Reversal collections works on reversing signs of aging and wrinkles as well as dark spots and dull skin. Using coffee and Rosehip as key ingredients in the collection.


Keeping your Knit Sweaters looking their best


The weather might be getting chillier, but it doesn’t mean it’s time to hang up your Nudy just yet. One of our favorite clothing items to pair our Nudy’s with is our chunky knit sweaters.  You can easily throw a sweater or loose cardigan over your Nudy, a pair of jeans, and you have a perfect fall outfit.


However, I don’t know about you but washing those knit sweaters can be more difficult than we like. We’ve gathered a few our four favorite tips and tricks to keeping your sweaters fresh and last longer and even how to store them at the end of the season.

 How often do you need to wash your sweaters?

A good rule of thumb is to wash your sweater around every four wears, unless, you of course spill something all the way down it, or forgot to layer your Nudy and sweat a lot throughout the day. (With the help of your Nudy, your sweater should be protected from sweat and last you four wears!) Who What Wear recommends hand washing your knits in a specially designed cleanser like Soak Wash, or The Laundress Wool & Cashmere Shampoo. This is to prevent the wool from breaking and fraying as much, helping your favourite sweater keep its shape and colour just how you bought it.


How Do You Fold a Sweater?

Did you know that over time hanging your sweaters improperly on a hanger will stretch out the fabric, and totally distort the shape of the sweater? The Huffington Post has a solution to this, simply fold the sweater over the hanger and drape the sleeves across the top.

If you have the shelf space, the best thing for your sweaters is to fold them. Do this loosely, as you don’t want to crease the fabric. Simply store like colours with one another to prevent dark knits from bleeding onto the lighter knits. Keep them in a closet or drawer, and out of direct sunlight to keep the colours looking their best!


How Do You Get Wrinkles Out of Sweaters?

If you have ever tried to steam a wool sweater with a hot steamer, you know that smell is not something you want to ever smell again, and putting an iron directly on the knit is out of the question unless you want a burn on your favourite knit. But not to worry, there is a way to get wrinkles out of your knits without either of these problems.

  1. Shower with it: When you hop in the shower, hang the sweater in the bathroom or on the curtain rod to steam it out without the close heat.
  2. Layer it and Iron: You can iron your knits, just remember to ALWAYS place a tea towel or hand towel between your sweater and the iron.

Can You Stretch a Sweater that’s Shrunk?

Lucky for you, the answer is Yes! The secret to stretching out a shrunken sweater is baby shampoo! Gentle baby shampoo like Johnson & Johnson will do the trick. Fill your sink with lukewarm water, add a cap full of shampoo and let your sweater soak for at least ten minutes (about 10 to 30 minutes should do the trick). Drain the water and lay the sweater on a flat surface, on top of a towel. Now that the fibers have softened and soaked gently stretch the sweater. Lay another clean dry towel on top to absorb the water, and keep everything flat until the sweater is completely dry.

Here’s some more of our favourite knit sweaters for fall!


Knits_NudyPatooty4.jpg Knits_NudyPatooty5.jpg

How to be a Boss Lady


Fall is upon us and the cooler weather approaches. Meaning it is just about time to break out the sweaters and oversized jackets.


Shop this look:

Mango – Knit Sweater 
Nudy Patooty – Signature Seamless Nudy 
Zara – Heeled Bootie 
Aritzia – Black Trouser 
Loewe – Camel Wrap Coat (similar) 

Boss Lady essentials goes as follows:

Let’s start with outerwear. A structured wool coat never hurt anybody. It is great to have this staple in a neutral colour so you can wear it throughout fall and even winter months.  The structured silhouette allows for a guaranteed sophisticated look with minimal effort. The high-waisted trousers provides an unexpected twist with it’s asymmetrical front. A Boss Lady takes pride in the little details. Forest Green is one of fall’s hottest colours.  This is a subtle way to add a pop of colour into your outfit. All of this layering can be quite warm, so don’t forget to wear your favourite Nudy Patooty undershirt to protect you from any embarrassing stains and help keep you focusing on the job!


Shop this look:

Michael Kors – Wrap Blouse 
Nudy Patooty – Crop Top Nudy 
Jimmy Choo – Leather Heeled Bootie 
Pallas – Satin Trim Trouser 
Astraet – Navy Wool Coat 

If you are a fan of structure, then this second look is perfect for you. Don’t settle for just one statement piece, instead go for an entire outfit. If you haven’t already invest in a quality pair of tailored trousers. A clean and effortless style will quickly become an item you will find yourself constantly reaching for, as well as make you feel like your best you in! For your shirt, mix it up a bit. Ditch the button ups and go for something with a bit more detail and form to it. This Michael Kors wrap shirt is as versatile as your classic white button ups, but instead it won’t leave you matching with 50% of the office. Remember when layering a Nudy under your white shirts to go for a nude colour, to keep the Nudy hidden and your White’s looking their best. 

Outerwear and accessories are next, and with these, there is no point holding back. A heeled bootie is the perfect shoe to walk you through fall and into the cooler days of winter. Look for something with a wider heel, so you can be on our feet all day and still rock it like a boss lady! A collarless coat, helps keep your outfit looking streamlined and put together. It also takes the pain away of having to match necklines or worrying about layering collars.

Have a look in your wardrobe and see what makes you feel like a boss lady and your best, and start to invest in similar wardrobe pieces to make sure every day, you feel like your best boss lady!

Nudy Patooty




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What I’m Reading: Could you be a Victims of Social Media Flaunting?

Paris Fashion week this year had a different story to tell when Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint from her hotel room. However, when the public decided to voice their opinions on the matter, many were quick to point fingers and blame her constant use of Social Media and flaunting as the trigger to the issue.

With social media we are constantly reminded that once we hit post, it will out there for the world to see! However, so often we forget about revealing our locations in posts that can be easily grabbed from Snapchat Geofilters, Instagram Location tags and Facebook Checkins. They are things that we just add on the regular, without thinking about the dangers that could be associated with these. As well as sharing our belongings with our followers. How often do you see someone on Instagram share a picture of their new purse or car, or on Snapchat show some will show videos of the money they got for their birthdays. Its small things like this, that in the immediate moment seem perfectly safe to post, until something like a gunpoint robbery makes you think differently.

Life Changer Hack: Become the Master at Hosting 


As we welcome in the season of holidays, and what seems to feel like none stop dinner parties and small gatherings, let’s start it off right by learning the key tricks to being a stress-free host.

Julie, a food blogger from The Little Kitchen has had her fair share of hosting guests for the holiday season. She understands the stress and exhaustion that comes with and has shared her key tricks on how to make sure everything goes smooth and problem free right from the start.

  1. Make a Plan

    You may not be a planner, or organized even! But to help the day run smoothly, Julie suggests making a game plan; from what you are serving to who is coming. This will help with planning your meals and grocery shopping so you have a clear sense of how much you need to make and how long things will take to cook. A game plan will allow you to work backward from your serving time, to determine when you need to start cooking each part of the meal to how long it is going to take to cook.

  2. Make things ahead of time

    When you can, meal prep. This isn’t something that’s just for the workweek to make evenings better, it can also help make your dinner parties more fun for you. Some desserts like pies and cobblers can be made ahead of time, frozen and then all you need to do is toss them in the oven to bake. For vegetables, peel them and prep them the night before or even a few days before to save you time the day of.

  3. Ask for Help

    Most often your guests will offer to bring a dish over, and as a host, we immediately want to say “no, don’t worry about it I have everything covered”, which more times than not it isn’t the case. When your guests arrive, feel free to delegate tasks around as well. Believe it or not, it can be difficult to be cooking the dinner, setting the table and serving drinks at the same time. Instead, get someone to man the drinks and restock the bar, while someone else is helping set the table.

  4. Not everything has to be homemade

    With enough practice and hosting experience, you will learn what is worth your time on making from scratch, and what is worth spending $6 on at the grocery store to save you 3 hours of time! What you can buy, do and spend the time on you save being the great host you are!

  5. Prep the night before

    Finding serving dishes and plates can sometimes be tricky, especially if you keep them in storage for 3/4 of the year! The night before your dinner party lay everything out and make sure you have enough serving platters and bowls for all your dishes and guests. This will also help speed up the process for serving your meals and laying the table.


People Doing Good: The Pink Tax Strikes Again 

This time in our very own city; Toronto, Canada. Local coffee shop Tokyo Smoke Cafe made the pink tax an obvious reality for customers and bluntly exclaimed the difference in pricing between men and women.

Putting up a short-term menu, they listed different pricing based on gender. With M and W showing customers the price they would be charged. With women being charged $1.50 and up more for their regular coffee orders.


This is what society calls the “Pink Tax” additional costs that women have to pay for almost identical products. The Pink Tax is commonly added on to toiletry products and clothing. Where studies have shown that women pay an additional 43% for things like razors, soaps, shampoos and deodorants.

The problem is, we don’t think about it when at the drugstore becuase it isn’t clearly stated and marked like the Tokyo Smoke Cafe’s menu. Where here women refused to pay for their coffee and walked away in disgust on the price differences based purely on ones gender.

Fall Layers for Day and Night


With October just beginning, it’s starting to look and feel a lot like fall. With the change of season and cooler weather, it’s time to start breaking out some slightly heavier fabrics, layers and darker colors.Fall doesn’t just have to be about dull colours, and heavy sweaters. It’s the perfect time of year to experiment with layering, mixing patterns and textured fabrics.

A favorite casual Fall outfit of ours is pairing our favourite plain white tee Nudy with a cropped jean, layered with a caramel leather jacket, and for a pop of color and texture a suede bordeaux heel and leather tote. This is a perfect daytime look for grabbing a coffee with friends and can be easily transitioned into night with a statement


Shop this look:

Mango – Leather Jacket
Nudy Patooty – Relaxed Crew Neck
Banana Republic – Distressed Denim
Zara – Black Tote
Stuart Weitzman – Block Heel Shoe

Nighttime Add-Ons

To take this look from day to night, all you need is a quick switch of the accessories and a deep lip colour to tie it all together. Trade in the carry all tote, for a small and compact shoulder bag, with layered neckwear to continue the layered trends.


Michael Kors Bag
Kate Spade Necklace

Ilia Lipstick
Tory Burch Scarf

Friday Five


What I’m Reading: Coolest Hotels Around

We all have the never ending bucket list of must-do’s; like where to visit, what to eat, things to do and all that, but how many of those things actually get checked off. 


Giraffe Manor


This list of some of the coolest hotels in the world will not only check your “travel the world” bucket list item off, but also give you some unbelievable stories and memories that you won’t be able to stop talking about for years!

  1. Mirrorcube Treehouse – Is exactly what it sounds like. Deep in the forests in Sweden, these mirrored cubes are scattered amongst the trees to give you a luxurious, mature treehouse experience, while still being able to take in the beauty of nature that surrounds you.
  2. Icehotel – This one is not recommended for those of you that hate winters. With all the furniture and room itself made of ice, it will leave you with chills! 
  3. Harbour Crane – In the Netherlands, this hotel is literally suspended by a crane! So if you aren’t afraid of heights and want to spend the night ( or two) in a log cabin hung in the air, this is perfect. 
  4. Free Spirit Spheres – Hung throughout the forests in Vancouver, these spheres offer plenty of room and variety to cater all your needs.
  5. Hotel Costa Verda – If you were a fan of Lost, or have an obsession with planes this could be for you. This hotel in Costa Rica is built around an old plane, with views that look out right onto the ocean.
  6. Giraffe Manor – A personal favourite of mine, this brings the safari right into your dining room. Built around a Giraffe reserve, the Giraffes are free to wander and join in on any hotel experiences to get up to.
  7. Kakslauluttanen Arctic Resort – This resort is made up of glass igloos, that taking sleeping under the stars to whole new meanings. Allowing you to see the northern lights, and stare at the stars for hours without ever leaving the bed.

Check out the list for even more of the coolest hotels!

Life Hack: Storing Jewelry the Best Way

Unlike our clothes, jewelry is one thing that we sometimes toss aside with the idea that out of sight, out of mind. Either that, or we have it nicely displayed in the bedroom as more of an art piece than an accessory to be worn.

While both of these seem practical for their own reasons, they may not necessarily be the best thing for your jewelry. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are storing your jewelry to keep it in tip-top shape.

Invest in Jewelry Dividers for drawers – These prevent your delicate chains from getting tangled and help keep everything separated and easy to grab.

Wall Organizer – for heavier and chunkier jewelry, hanging it on the wall is much more convenient and easy to sort. Some of these can be an easy DIY that needs less than 5 materials, or you can get real fancy and make it a focal point in any room with peg boards and paint. 

Keep things Stackable – As small as jewelry is, it can take up a lot of room. With that in mind, thing stackable and opt for boxes that can be layered on top of each other, while also nicely organizing and protecting the accessories from scratches and tarnish. 

People Doing Good: Meditation takes over Detention in the halls of schools in the U.S.

As we use Yoga and Meditation to help calm our minds and bodies as well as help balance everything, schools in Baltimore and Syracuse are doing just that. 

Instead of negatively punishing the students and putting them in detention room, these schools have implemented meditation rooms for the students to go to. Helping them calm down from their anger and build up, and allowing them to better integrate back into the classrooms.

Not only are they doing it in replace of detention, but schools are also using yoga and meditation practices throughout the day to help prevent distractions for the students, and help keep them calm and less stressed. Integrating it into the morning announcements, at the start of classes and after school activities. Allowing students to take part in different practices and teach themselves how to handle their anger and stress more realistically.

Nudy Patooty xx

Friday Five


Here’s to another Friday (and the best part about Friday’s – the weekend!) 

What I’m reading: Business Lunches gets Dining Etiquette rules

We have all gone on business lunches, and I’m sure at some point you had to stop yourself from doing something, as you know moments later you would regret it! To make sure you don’t lose a deal or miss out on a great opportunity, Business Insider has put together a list of rules so you can impress the team with your dining etiquette.

  1. 918f7471d8bc0c6f88439f8073df91f0Before taking a seat, make sure to shake hands with everyone at the table.
  2. Remain standing until the host sits, after which you can take your seat with the rest of the guests.
  3. Once everyone is seated, take your napkin and place it on your lap.
  4. When it comes time to order, don’t ask the waiter for a full run down of the menu, and follow the hosts’ flow of ordering. If they order an appetizer, follow suit, if not, skip.
  5. When choosing your meal, opt for easy to eat foods, and don’t get experimental with your order.
  6. This one you would think is obvious, but don’t not eat! This will leave an impression on the host. 

Life changer hack: Bringing the Yoga Deskside at Work

Most of us spend our days sitting at a desk, with the odd short trip around the office to finish a task. After hours and hours on end of sitting in the same chair, shifting around to find a comfortable position we long for movement and stretches, but want to without drawing a mass of attention to ourselves. 

Thankfully deskside yoga has become a thing, with simple stretches and moves you can do in your chair while others will think you are just sitting in your chair like normal. 



  1. Cobra Head: Neck and Spine Circles – leaning from side to side while slowly rotating your neck.
  2. Seated Cat-Cow: While seated in your chair, slowly push your chest out, arching your back and exhale then inhale and round your back, dropping your head.
  3. Desk Twist: Sitting up straight, hold on to the back of your chair and twist to the side with your upper body, holding the stretch for a count of 10. Repeat on the opposite side.
  4. Seated Pigeon: While seated, rest your ankle on the opposite knee. Inhale and exhale, as you exhale, lean your body forward onto your legs. Hold for a count of 5.

What’s getting all the attention: Nudy Patooty starts Pinning

Nudy Patooty has joined the world of inspiration, creative brainstorming and business planning. Come join us on Pinterest for inspiration on just about everything – fashion, cooking, motivation, health and do it yourself projects! 


We have been working on a creative project for our fans on Pinterest, with exclusive giveaways and fashion tips on how to wear everyone’s favourite fashion item! Can you guess what it is?

People doing good: Trudeau Expresses his Case for Gender Equality

HeforShe recently had their second-anniversary event, with speakers from all over showing their support and sharing their actions towards making gender equality a global reality. 

When Justin Trudeau showed up as a surprise speaker, he shared his reasons and expressed his dedication to the gender equality, and “gave a powerful speech about feminism and explained why men are integral in the fight for gender equality.” Huffington PostAs we continue to make slow progress in society with gender equality, Trudeau shared his concern on the fact that Men do not see their distinct role in the matter, and that both Men and Women need to take action together, to get gender equality to happen. 

As we continue to hear about inspirational speeches and movements taking place around the world for gender equality, we have to remember that with gender equality, we are making a better community for everyone. We are creating a more inspiring community for younger generations to grow up in, and we are showing support for both men and women of all ages. The more we continue to do and say about gender equality, the better the world and society is becoming.

On that note! Happy Friday 

Nudy Patooty xxx


How to wear layers for work


We all know how much the temperature in the office fluctuates in a day, it can be freezing cold one moment and then boiling hot the next. The same goes for the weather in September and October time, the mornings are always cool while by the time the evening rolls around you are leaving all the layers at work. 

How do you solve this problem? You strategically pick your layers to ensure that you can make it through any point in the day.


Shop this look:

Nudy Patooty – Lace Cap Sleeve Undershirt
Theory – Stretch- wool Flared Pant
Jil Sander – Wool-blend Gilet
Land Send – Cashmere Sweater
Anthony Vaccarello – Classic Button Down

You may be looking at the outfit above, and be thinking “I don’t know, that looks like a lot of different things!” and you’re right, it is. However, the beauty of this means that depending on the weather and time of season you can eliminate some layers, or add on. 

When choosing a base layer – the Nudy Patooty undershirt is an excellent place to start. It will help regulate your body temperature, feel soft and comfortable on the skin as you go about the day and eliminate stains from showing on your other clothes.

2nd layer – the button up blouse. When you are layering clothes, you may also want to consider playing with the lengths and textures of the pieces to add some depth to your outfit. Easiest way to do this is to choose a button-up in a longer style, this way you can wear it untucked, eliminating the constriction and discomfort that usually comes from dress shirts.

3rd layer – a lightweight sweater. This is a great third layer, as you can take this off and be seen in the button up shirt, or if you really need to cool down the Nudy with a lace trim is perfect with dress pants or a skirt. When choosing the colour of the sweater you want to keep a monochromatic colour combo, this will make it easier in the morning when choosing your layers, as well as make your outfit still look great for when you mix and match different components of your outfit. 

4th layer – the sleeveless vest. This is a great way to complete an outfit, without adding too many sleeves (which would happen if you had a coat). A sleeveless vest in a neutral colour is perfect worn open, closed or belted for a more shaped silhouette. As well as adding an additional length layer to your outfit, it gives the option to work with all the under layers as there is no interference with sleeves and necklines.

We would love to see your favourite outfit layering technique – Tag us on Instagram @nudypatooty, or use the #anythingbutbasic. 

Friday Five


What I’m reading: Fall’s favourite silhouettes 

As NYFW is wrapped up, and fall showing signs that it is just around the corner, we are all busy wondering what should we invest in for the season. Choosing the silhouettes that will look great on you, fit seamlessly into your current wardrobe and are quality and budget friendly can be difficult. These top 3 silhouettes of the season that can be worn with just about anything, will have your fall fashion shopping over in no time!


The Sized-up sleeves look great in just about every fabric. Keep it casual with an oversized knit paired with jeans, or take it to the office with a fitted trouser or skirt.


The cropped flare trouser is a favourite from the summer, and lucky for us we can keep on wearing it. This time trade in your sandals for a chunky heel boot, and layer your chunky knits and longer layers.


The midi skirt is back by popular demand. With the different styles, we can shop these days, you can find one for each day of the week. Accordion pleats in a leather or metallic fabric can take you from day to night, while a heavier wool is great for the office.

Life Hack: How to take the perfect Foodie Snapshot


Are you a foodie? Or just love to snap pictures of all your dishes and best looking drinks? To make sure you are getting the best pictures for your camera roll that you can, here are a few tips and tricks from the experts.

  1. Natural light works best. When you can use the light from a window or outside, stay away from direct sunlight and harsh indoor lighting and flashes.
  2. Play with your angles. If you find you are always shooting your food from the top, mix things up and go to the side, adding in a nice background of a wall, window or room setting.
  3. Edit lightly. A fan of editing the pictures? That is fine, but make sure you don’t over do it.


What’s getting all the attention: Nudy Patooty takes on the 2016 Emmy’s

This past week Nudy Patooty was asked to be featured in the 2016 Emmy’s Giftbag – and of course, we had to say yes! We hopped on the plane, headed to LA and spent the week exploring the city, checking out some great boutiques and spending some time with the celebs in the Red Carpet Style Lounge.


People Doing Good: One woman’s business goal; to go out of business

The Simply Co.  founder Lauren Singer started her business with one end goal in mind – to eliminate the need for her product. Sounds crazy right? Who starts a business, with a goal already set to go out of business! As a sustainable and green living advocate, she started her journey as eliminating trash from her lifestyle (Lauren’s past 3 years of trash fit into a mason jar).

With her handmade laundry detergent, Laurent has made a product that is easy to replicate and produce right at home. With this concept in mind, she encourages her customers; both loyal and new, to have a go and try making the product themselves and place in the reusable containers she distributes in.

Lauren also encourages her community to try making other household products at home, using natural and safe products that are not harmful to the environment and produce little to no waste during the creation process.

How to Wear Sleeveless Tops in Fall


As soon as summer leaves and the days get cooler we immediately pack away our sleeveless tops and dresses, knowing very well that the sun won’t come out again for a couple of months. But what’s the rush, there are so many ways you can wear your sleeveless tops in fall and winter without having to brave the cold.


Shop this Look

Sans Souci – Sleeveless Sweater Knit-top
Nudy Patooty – 3/4 Sleeve Undershirt
Ted Baker – Delihat Straight Leg Tailored Trouser
Nine West – Black Heels

Become BFF’s with Layering

If you are just wanting a few extra inches attached to your sleeveless tops then choose a cap sleeve top or a simple tee. This Lace Cap Sleeve undershirt will pair perfectly with chunky knits or feminine dresses.

If you are looking for something with a bit more coverage, look for 3/4 length sleeves or a full-length sleeve for when the cold really hits. When choosing a top to layer underneath you want to be aware of the neckline, as you do not want to have 2 tops with high necks competing for attention or a V-neck layered under a scoop neck. Instead, a neutral scoop will sit well under a variety of tops and dresses. This 3/4 Sleeve Undershirt is perfect for sleeveless dresses and tops, the lace detailing on the neckline will have you wanting it to peek out! With the added underarm protection keeping you dry and comfortable all day long, so when the office starts blasting their heating system you won’t be caught with embarrassing stains as an accessory with your sleeveless tops. 

With a sleeveless dress consider layering a button up shirt underneath. For a plain dress choose a bold and colourful print, while choosing a more basic shirt for textured or printed dresses. Another way to mix it up is with your necklines. When you have a scoop fashion piece, consider a mock turtle neck or high neck for added dimension in the outfit. 

Check out some great outfit inspo below…

Merrick’s Art
Sandra Hagestam

All in all don’t pack up your favourite sleeveless tops in a hurry. Instead experiment with layering and adding sleeves underneath your favourite tops. 

Happy Sunday!

Nudy Patooty xxx