How to wear colour to the office without standing out


When looking for workwear we usually stray towards neutrals and dark colours. These allow us to blend in with the work crowd and feel like we are amongst our co-workers. This leaves the office fashion looking blah and gloomy! 

Try changing things up by bringing some colour back into your workweek wardrobe, whether it is with one statement piece or a full colour ensemble.


Shop this Look

Nudy Patooty – Signature Seamless Undershirt
House of Fraser – Pink Cigarette Trouser
Jimmy Choo – Reflective Heel
Mango – Poplin Shirt

The colour pop in this outfit is obvious, the bright pink pants. To keep things looking professional and clean look for a pant with a tailored leg fit, something in a trouser form. These will fall nicely with heels and will look great with a shirt tucked in or layered over. 

If you are new to adding colour to your wardrobe (which let’s be honest we all are!) then you probably aren’t feeling brave enough to wear a contrasting colour on top. That is totally okay. To compliment the brightness of the cigarette pants, we pulled a white poplin top – a cropped short sleeve button up with a boxy cut. This will add some volume to the top, which will help balance out the bright hue and slim fit of the pink trouser. To prevent sweat stains from ruining your colourful look be sure to layer you Nudy underneath. Remember if you are wearing a white shirt you want to choose a nude undershirt as this will become unnoticeable when layered under. 

The finishing touches of the outfit will make all the difference. To keep your trouser the statement piece in the look you want to choose shoes and bags that are simple. This grey heel is the perfect shade to balance out the white and pink, without overshadowing the attention of the trouser. 

Check out some of Nudy Patooty’s colour inspiration

Brittany of Lawyer Lookbook

We are loving this bold fashion look from @lawyerlookbook. She went full out in her colourful pieces, choosing contrasting colours that compliment each other perfectly.

How to wear at home:
If you are feeling super brave and want to have a go at mismatching colours, make sure that you are choosing pieces in a solid – we don’t want any prints added into this combination. Keep the outfit to a 3 colour maximum and be sure to tie in at least 1 neutral item – like Brittany’s Nude heels.

Megan of TF Diaries

@meganzietz dress is grabbing our attention. The colourful lines and playful print have us wanting to wear it everyday of the week.

How to wear at home:
If you have a colourful piece that is a loud bold print, be ready to catch some eyes! You want to keep everything else simple are carefree. If it is a top or bottom pair it with a neutral and simple structured top or bottom. When doing your makeup, don’t go overboard, with a statement piece like this less is more.

Grace of Color and Grace

@colorandgrace goes monochromatic with her yellow accessories, balancing it out with a lace textured burgundy dress.

how to wear at home:
If you have multiple accessories in the same colour, go ahead and have a go with this look. This is a great way to slowly ease yourself into wearing more colour. You can wear you neutral and basic items and play them up with a colourful shoe, bag, belt, necklace, scarf, lipstick or nail colour

Alison of Wardrobe Oxygen

This colourful print dress that @wardrobe_oxygen has styled is the perfect transition piece that can take you from work to weekend with a change of accessories. 

how to wear at home:
With everything going on with this dress – the long maxi, the multiple colours and the various prints you want to keep everything else at a bare minimum. The nice thing about a maxi dress is you don’t have to worry about matching another colour or finding a top to go with a bright pant,  instead it is all done for you. If you can match a pair of your shoes to a colour in the dress then go ahead and make that work, but sometimes they just aren’t right. Instead choose something in a simple colour like nude, tan and black depending on the darkness of the colours.

We dare you to give the colourful looks a try!

Nudy Patooty xx

Friday Five

It’s Friday, and with that we say adiós to another week of summer! Here is a few things you missed this week and to keep the positive vibes coming all weekend long!

What I’m Reading: Cheap Airfare Coming this Fall


If you felt like the only one that stayed home this summer and missed out on getting some amazing Instagram shots and experiencing some life-changing views – you made a good decision in choosing to wait. Airfare is 

According to reports, airfare is supposed to drop 8.2% from the summer peak costs. Meaning you can afford a few more excursions on the trip or splurge on that amazing camera to capture the entire thing!

Whether you are looking to travel within the country, or abroad you can expect to see some flash sales and long-term offers on flights. Meaning you can jet set anywhere this fall without having to break open that emergency savings jar!

Life Hack: 11 bits of Advice for a Younger You!

I am sure I’m not the only one that wishes we could go back and re-live a period of our lives knowing what we know now! Edward Sullivan, entrepreneur, and executive coach shares his 11 bits of advice he wishes his 21-year-old self knew


We had a read and felt it related on so many levels! See what advice you agree with:

The best places aren’t in the guidebooks

When I travel, I love to go with the mentality of living like a local. It is way more fun finding those hole in the wall places and one of a kind shops, instead of spending your time in the tourist hubs. When you can find some locals to the area and ask them where they recommend checking out, my bet is the places they say will never show up in the guidebook you purchased for the trip.

Get frequent reality checks

This one made me laugh, but it is true. You need to listen to the truth your friends speak. They will be the only honest ones when they notice that your job, life or experiences are getting the best of you!

Wear well made Shoes and Suits that fit

We will tweak this a bit – but understanding the difference a well fitting dress can make for you, or the perfect jeans. Investing your time to shop around and find a few brands and styles that fit you great, make you feel your best and are affordable will be life changing. It will not only change the way you look, but it will change the way you feel boosting your confidence and bringing out a whole new side of you. 

Cancel meetings your not ready for

We can relate this to any type of meeting. If you do not feel prepared or comfortable to go through with the meeting, call it off. If you are going to be putting yourself in a worse situation by taking the meeting, call it off. 

Talk to the pretty girl

Take the risk and go up to the person you want to say hi to. Whether it’s someone you are admiring across the room or someone that has inspired you for years before, you are never going to lose anything for giving it a chance. 

Ignore the haters

Wherever you go there will always be people hating you and trying to drag you down. It can be difficult to pull yourself above them and move on, but when you can it will make you feel like nothing is holding you back. 

To read all 11 pieces of advice Edward Sullivan Shared 

People Doing Good: Olympic Athlete gives it all up to help an injured competitor

If you didn’t get the chance to watch the women’s 5000m qualifying race the other day here’s a recap!


After what looked like a small collision between New Zealand runner Nikki Hamblen and American runner Abbey D’Agostino, one was left injured on the floor unable to get up. Hamblin stayed back to help D’Agostino up and on her feet after twisting her ankle during the fall.

       rio-olympics-runners-help-each-other-abbey-dagnostino-nikki-hamblin-6-1.jpg     rio-olympics-runners-help-each-other-abbey-dagnostino-nikki-hamblin-15.jpg

Together they finished the last 1800m of the race supporting one another to the finish line. Both qualifying for the finals due to their sportsmanship!

Happy Friday

Nudy Patooty xx

Wearing a crop top to work and how to style it


Believe it or not, you can get away with wearing a crop top and not look like you shrunk your favourite shirt while washing it! The secret is about what you match the crop top with to make a complete look. While you are missing a few inches from the hem of your shirt, you have to ensure your waistline makes up for it or you have a long enough layer underneath to wear it.

Shop this Look

Nudy Patooty – Crop Top Undershirt
Topshop – Fitted Suit Trouser
Ellery – Dalliance Cropped Top with Long Tie
3.1 Phillip Lim – Drum Leather Ankle-Knot-Block-Heel Mules

While the days are still hot and summer is in full swing wearing you want to take advantage of the shorter hemline in your tops and forgo the longer layers underneath. Instead of those, opt for high waisted bottoms and skirts to compensate for your missing shirt!

If you are going to be wearing a crop top in the office, you want to make sure your undershirt or layering piece isn’t going to be making any unwanted appearances. Instead of choosing a full length undershirt, try a crop with full coverage. Nudy Patooty’s Crop Top offers the Sweat_Secret™ Technology in the underarm to make sure you stay sweat free, however, it does all this with only half the shirt so you don’t have to worry about added bulk at your waistline with high-waist bottoms.


1. Feeling Feminine: Crop Top & Skirt

A high waist pencil skirt is work-place appropriate. This charcoal mix colouring skirt from Nicole Miller will stand out amongst the sea of black while also helping to hide any unwanted bumps and lines. Pair it with a dusty pink crop top in a loose-fitting silhouette will help to balance out the fitted bottom. The flowing sleeves on the top will keep your shoulders and top of arms covered, without being restricting.

2. Paper-bag Waist: Crop Top & Culottes

If you feel brave or want to mix things up, a wide leg culotte or trouser look great with a structured crop top. These beige paper-bag waist culottes from Zara are a great end of season transitioning piece, with the light beige making it a neutral colour to pair with the rest of your wardrobe. With a wide bottom, you want to make sure you top is structured and narrow fit. This will prevent you from looking like a balloon and rocking the wide leg pant. If the top comes just below the waistline of the bottoms, try a simple front tuck of the shirt. This will stop unwanted bulk around the waist, but tailor in the shirt to show off your great shape. 

3. Pinstripes all around: Crop Top & Trouser

Everyone should own a great pair of high waist peg leg trouser. It is an excellent, year-round trouser that can be worn with just about anything. This pinstripe navy pair is fun and practical, without being too much of either. With a narrower leg, you can get away with a loose-fitting crop top. This long sleeve sheer white stripe top from Club Monaco continues the stripes up from the bottoms helping elongate the figure while being so subtle people will barely notice. 

Be daring, and wear the crop top to the office. Choose fabrics that are structured and professional like silk, cotton, linen and wool for the most appropriate office attire. However, play with your shirts colours and silhouettes to mix things up!

Happy Sunday,

Nudy Patooty xx

Friday Five


What we’re reading: What one focused hour a day can do for you and your day

“One focused hour a day can produce amazing results.” Find a time that works best with you and your schedule. If you’re a morning person, it could be first thing in the AM or maybe you’re more of a night owl so you take the last hour before bed as your focused hour. Whenever it is, find it and make it your focused hour.


Srinivas Rao lists some of the things one can accomplish with a simplehour a day:

  • With one focused hour a day you can write a book within a year, write 1000 words a day or finish a 45,000-word manuscript in 6 months.
  • With one focused hour a day you can easily develop a daily writing habit, and even write something daily as Seth Godin does.
  • With one focused hour a day you can make time to read the books you’ve been wanting to read.
  • With one focused hour you can find flow and build momentum for your creative endeavor
  • With one focused hour a day you can learn a new language

He suggests to use a calendar app on your phone or computer and start by scheduling in the hour a day for your focused hour. While getting used to the habit the calendar will push reminders and goals you have previously set to accomplish within your focused hour. 

To get the most of this hour, you have to take yourself away from the technology and hustling world you are used to. Turn off your phone, tv and computer. Tell people not to pop by during this time and leave your conversations to a minimum. This will allow you to focus your full attention on you and your own goals for a short time each day.

Life Hack: How to clean your Yoga Mat

If you are a regular Yogi, or use your mat on the daily then you will defiantly want to make sure you are cleaning your mat correctly and frequently enough. 


How to clean your yoga mat regularly 

After each use, you will want to wipe it down with either a DIY spray, mat wipes or a store-bought antibacterial spray. A DIY spray is the most complicated to prepare, however, the natural ingredients will do you and your mat better. When searching for a recipe – something like hippie juice or mat sprays will give you tons of recipes.

  1. Make the spray in a spray bottle- this will make for convenience and make you more likely to actually spritz your mat
  2. Give your mat a light, gentle mist with spray
  3. Wipe down with a clean town or rag

How to deep clean your yoga mat

Despite how often you clean your mat with a light spray or mat wipes. You will need to get a good deep clean every once in a while. This will eliminate bacteria buildup and help get rid of the odors that have been building up. 

The best and easiest way to clean it – throw it in your bath tub!

  1. Unroll the mat, submerge it in water in the tub with some gentle soap
  2. Let soak for about 10 minutes – give it a gentle scrub to eliminate anything stuck on the map and give it a good cleanse.
  3. Let it soak for another 15 minutes.
  4. Rinse off the soap and prep it for drying.

Drying your yoga mat

  1. Get a large towel and lay on top of the mat, rolling the mat and towel up together. 
  2. Hang the mat to dry – either over a rack or flat
  3. Allow the mat to completely before using – can be 1-2 days

People doing good: Simone Manuel makes history

Simone Manuel becomes the first African-American female to win a gold medal in an individual swimming event. This year in the Rio Olympics has been a moment for female athletes, showing everyone they can do anything their male teammates can do. In some cases, winning the first lot of medals for their countries. 



Olympic components Simone Manuels (USA) and PennyOleksiak (Canada) managed to have identical times for the swimming event. 

The first medal winner by an African American in a swimming event was back in 1976 Montreal Olympics by Enith Brigitha. The first African American female to win a medal wasn’t until 2000, when Maritza Correia won. However, no female has won gold until today. Simone has been called an inspiration for young African American children, as she breaks down barriers and is debunking the stereotype that African Americans cannot swim. 

Keep watching the games, as this year has proven to be something no one expected!



How to wear the perfect white tee at the office and on the weekend


Weekends are a time where your wardrobe can be nothing but comfy clothes, come Monday morning and it’s back to suits and dress shirts (or so you think). It doesn’t have to be like that. With a few key wardrobe essentials and some tricks to pull it off, take your favourite weekend white tee, and wear it to work without anyone telling you otherwise!


Shop this Look

Nudy Patooty – Classic Bamboo Tee
Prada – Saffiano Lux Small Double-Zip Tote
Vince – Claire choked up leather D’Orsay Pumps
Tibi – Tropical Wool Men’s Blazer

With a white tee as your shirt, you want to make sure the rest of the look is professional and appropriate for your workplace. 

A simple black heel can be worn and styled with anything from a pair of pants to a skirt. The mid-heel height is appropriate and comfortable for whatever the day throws at you. Choosing a leather heel as opposed to a patent leather will keep it versatile for all seasons and make it easier to play with textures and fabrics on top.

When choosing your casual white tee, there are a few things you will want to leave for the weekend lounging as opposed to office attire. For your neckline, a scoop neck will sit nicely with jackets and allow you to mix and match necklines more. You don’t want it to dip too low, right at the apex is ideal as it is a flattering cut on all bust sizes. You want the shirt to have some shape to it, choosing something snug and fitted to the body will look best layered under a jacket whether cropped or full length. A fitted shirt can also be paired with almost any bottom – fitted and wide leg as the volume can be added on the bottom or you can continue the slim and streamline outfit shape. However, for maximum comfort, a loose fit tee is still easy to wear. You will just want to balance out the volume with a more tapered bottom – like a pencil skirt or cigarette pant.

For jackets, there are so many options to choose from, you can wear a white tee days in a row without anyone noticing! 


  1. Club Monaco – Zandra Suede Jacket
    This suede jacket from Club Monaco has a gorgeous texture and feel to it. This is perfect for cooler summer days and early autumn as you don’t have to worry about wearing an extra layer during the commute to work. The subtle colour is neutral enough to become a wardrobe staple and become pairable with any bottom you have.
  2. J.Crew – Regent Blazer (heather graphite)
    When it comes to classics, they make the best wardrobe essentials. Try a graphite grey colour instead of your regular black blazer. The lighter colour is perfect for transitioning seasons and can be worn as frequently as your black blazer. The cut and shape of the tailored regent blazer is perfect for layering over your white tee, with the necklines complimenting one another, however, it also looks great with a button up layered underneath.
  3. Loft – Textured Open Jacket
    Your wardrobe doesn’t have to be all black, white and neutrals! Colours can be fun and once you get used to wearing them you will love pairing them with some black trousers and a fun heel. Something collarless in a colour will limit the amount of “things” happening in the outfit, and keep the colour of the jacket as the main attention grabber. With
    that, no one will even notice that you are wearing a comfy white tee!

For back to work this week, don’t stress about leaving the comfort of the weekend at home. Have a go at wearing a white tee for the office!

Nudy Patooty xx

Friday Five


What I’m Reading: 4 Rosé varieties and what you need to knowExploring-Rose-Wine-Varieties-by-Wine-Folly

We had no idea that there was such a difference between the types and colourings of Rosé. You often think it is the easy drink of summer, where most bottles can be lightly consumed, or added to a summery cocktail.

Grenache Rosé – the grapes are often grown in Spain and often have a quite a fruity and sweet taste. If having a Morrocan, Middle Eastern or Indian inspired dish, the spices and sweetness pair well.

Pinot Noir – from California and the regions of France, has a dry taste and smell, with bursts of fruit and citrus while drinking. If you love to flavour with green herbs like thyme and basil the Pinot Noir is the drink for the dish.

Sangiovese – Made from a cocktail of red fruits – think strawberries, cherries and raspberries combined with hints of spices and cloves. This is your go-to bottle when you aren’t sure on the best wine pairing. The combination of spice and deep fruit will complement dishes like Chinese, Thai, curries and Italian!

Syrah – This Rosé is far different from the others. A mixture of white and red pepper is the base of the flavour, while cherry and lime zest give it the pop of fruit and sweetness. Seafood dishes and vegetable based dishes will taste delicious paired with a Syrah Rosé.

Life Hacker: Become the Master of the Rio 2016 Olympics


Whether you’re following the Summer Rio 2016 Olympics, or if you like to pretend you know what’s going on while listing the medal count, Google and Bing have you covered this year.

Simple search links and phrases will instantly bring up the results you are looking for:

Rio 2016 / Olympics : An overview of the games and standings

Rio 2016 Schedule: Will bring up the games schedule for the day. This will ensure you won’t miss your favourite games and you can pretend you know what’s happening when you say the games on at 2pm!

Athlete/ Game Search: This will prompt the times, finishings and event schedule for the specific athlete or game. Making it easy to follow your favourite games and athletes.

Medal Count: Will give you the most up to date medal standing by country/ game and athlete. Keep tabs on your country by simply adding that into the search.

People Doing Good: Pineapple Leather replaces Vegan Leather

Spanish designer Carmen Hijosa founded the company Ananas Anam during a business trip to the Philippines. She was introduced to the “barong talong, a traditional Filipino shirt woven together with fibres of pineapple leaves” Huffington Post. It was here she was inspired and took the concept back to the U.K. and Spain to continue developing it and creating Piñatex – pineapple leather.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 8.21.42 AM

Piñatex retails at a more affordable price point for consumers, about 10USD less/ square metre than your standard leather. It is versatile enough to be manufactured into bags, shoes, apparel and accessories. As well as easily dyeable, to make the leather almost any colour you want.

How is it made? Piñatex is made from the fruits leaves, something that would usually get thrown away can now be turned into a wearable, biodegradable garment or accessory. 

How amazing is this fabric, soon we will be living in tropical plants as they fill our wardrobes!

Have a great weekend,

Nudy Patooty xx

What to Pack for a Day at the Beach


A day spent at the beach should be worry free and hassle free. You don’t want to spend the hours before running around ensuring you didn’t forget to pack the essentials. With the long weekend in occurrence, you can be sure to find us near a body of water ready to cool off in this heat.

Check out our go-to list of must-haves for a day at the beach (or lake/ pool).

What to wear to the beach:


Shop this Look:

Nudy Patooty – Classic Bamboo Tee
Marysia Swim – Mott scallop-edged swimsuit
Diane Von Furstenberg – Marrakesh Leather Sandals
Madewell – Pull-On-Shorts

A casual and loose fitting pair of shorts is easy to throw on when you decide to go grab an ice cream, light enough to cover you up in the sun and cute enough to have the perfect summer beach style.

Having slip on slides is essential. You don’t want to be fussing with buckles, zippers or laces, especially if the sand is hot. The leather sandals from DVF are  versatile enough to take you from beach day to dinner at the beach, without having to change a shoe! 

The Nudy Patooty bamboo tee is your go-to tee for the beach.  Without the Sweat-Secret™ Technology in the underarm, the classic tee is just that. The super soft bamboo fabric will feel lovely on the skin after a day spent in the sun and water while being quick to dry if you get it wet at all. 

Finding the perfect bathing suit can be tricky, but you want to choose something you feel great in. Whether it’s a bikini, tankini or full piece there are hundreds of choices out there. The scalloped full piece by Marysia is a simple shape, with a classic halter neckline, perfect for any activities your day brings on! If you are going to be doing activities at the beach – frisbee, football, paddleboarding or wave hopping consider something with enough support and straps to stay up without you having to hold it!

What to pack in my beach bag:


First of you need a great beach bag! This Loeffler Randall beach bag one is perforated, to make sure that whatever sand gets in, also gets out. With a convenient canvas bag inside to keep small and important things. 

You will need a great beach towel, something big enough to spend the day on while also keeping you dry and comfortable in the sand. The Beach People has some amazing round towels that allow you to spread yourself out, or invite others to share the towel space. They also look just as cute, so ensure that you are able to get the perfect beach day Instagram pic!

Sunscreen is a must-have. For a day out in the sun SPF 30 is ideal. Make sure you are re-applying every two hours, or sooner if you have been for a swim to cool off. 

To keep your party going all day long, and the music playing be sure to have a battery-powered, portable speaker packed in your bag. This one isn’t crucial, but once you have it playing, you will not be sorry. (Just don’t forget an iPod or phone to play some music from!)

Water is great, but coconut water is better. To make it feel like a holiday fancy it up with some coconut water. The taste will have you feeling like your on a tropical island, while the refreshing coconut water will be refreshing after having the sun beat down on you all day long. 

While you’re packing, don’t forget to bring some things to keep you busy during the day. You can get bored of just sitting, and may want something to throw around. A frisbee is great to pack, it’s flat and can slide right into any bag, and easy to play anything with 2 people or 20 people.

If you’re spending the day on the beach tomorrow enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Nudy Patooty xx

Friday Five


Once again that’s a wrap on the week as we get ready to head right on into the weekend. We have some simple things to keep you busy during the weekend, and how to deal with the fast-approaching end of summer.

What I’m reading:How to keep your summer linens looking as fresh as they feel

Nobody likes laundry day, and especially when it involves complicated clothes and delicate fabrics (shameless plug – Nudy Patooty Undershirts can solve this laundry problem!) Linen is a favoured fabric in the hot summer months. Due to its natural weave make it breathable and lightweight.


The simple thing to remember is; linen does not have to be dry cleaned. One of the only linen garments that should be regularly dry cleaned is suits, stick to the basics and what is easier.

Washing in the washing machine

  1. Stick to cold water and a gentle cycle
  2. Use gentle detergents
  3. Avoid fabric softeners and bleach

Hand Washing

  1. Do not wring the fabric to get rid of water

Machine Drying

  1. Put on a low-heat or no-heat setting
  2. Avoid putting heavy-weight fabrics in machine as well

Air Drying

  1. Lay flat on a towel to dry
  2. Hang on a drying rack – avoid hangers

To eliminate wrinkles

Press right after washing when the fabric is still damp *Dark or coloured linen, should be pressed on the reverse side of garment

Life Hack:The trick to making it feel like summer all year long – Interior Design Hacks

As we slowly drift into August, summer as we know it is soon coming to an end. BUT.. that does not have to mean all those marvellous summer memories, and the feels of summer have to disappear as well. Instead, make it feel like summer all year long by incorporating some colour and summer vibes into your home interior decor.


1. For accents in the kitchen and living room use a combination of white, gold and wood

2. Bring in pops of bright colourful hues like; pink, teal, cobalt blue, yellow, red-orange and fuschia.

3. Tone down the colour palette in your main rooms, by opting for a neutral colour palette. Playing down the tones keeps the space feeling fresh and light, just like summer days.

4. Ditch the boring glassware, and choose some in bright and metallic designs. Consider sea glass glassware for your kitchen as well to give that home by the sea feel.

5. Think nautical vibes with navy blue. Combine with natural elements like wood to avoid a cold wintery feel.

6. Add graphic prints in bold colours, using pillows, wall art or rugs to liven a space up.

People doing good: Presidential Nomination Milestone – 2016

Despite being a household name for what people would say has been decades, it is a milestone and an major accomplishment for Hillary to be officially nominated as the presidential candidate of a major political party; a first for any women. 

As women make up less than 15% for both the health care executive officers and law firms equity partners, and only 4.6% of Forbes 500 chief executives in 2016.   


Men represent a large majoirity of the workers in congress, and as recent studies have shown – females are more likely to prioritize and push for a change that has a direct connection with women. 

It has also been shown that young girls are more likely to express an interest in running for politics when they see other women representing them and running. Young girls and women need more female role models in politics to look up to and positively represent women in politics. 

Happy Friday

Nudy Patooty


Keeping your cool during a summer wedding


We all have that sheer moment of panic when we find out the wedding is outside. Not only outside, but in summer in the middle of a heatwave! How are we supposed to find that dress that does it all; makes your feel great and look just as good, while keeping you cool! 

We could give grandma a call and see if she has an extra handheld fan we can borrow… but you don’t really want to be caught in a photo with one of those. Instead, heres a few tricks on keeping your cool during a summer wedding, without breaking a sweat. 


Shop the look

Marchesa Notte – Short-Sleeve Lace Dress 
Nudy Patooty – Cropped Short Sleeve
Valentino – Ballet Fever Suede Ankle Wrap Sandals
Rebecca Minkoff – Leo Clutch

The first trick to keeping your cool during the outside summer wedding – is to literally keep you cool! Don’t stress, it will all be good. 

The second first step comes when you are planning out what to wear. Depending on the attire of the wedding, you may or may not be able to get a way with a loose fitting, flowy maxi dress. Which is great, the loose fit will allow a breeze to keep you cool, while shielding you from the sun and extra heat. If not, and the attire is more of a cocktail/ evening direction do not fret, you can pull this off. This lace dress from Marchesa is perfect! The openness of the lace will allow some breathing opportunities for you, instead of being all wrapped up. 

Layer your Cropped Nudy on underneath the dress to have a peek-a-boo effect without bearing it all. The added bonus, the sleeve on this is long enough to hide your Nudy Patooty sleeves and let you have that added protection in the underarm to stop embarrassing sweat stains. Your Nudy will also help keep you cool during the celebrations, as you are layering the organic bamboo fabric right against your skin. This will wick away moisture and sweat so your body can immediately start cooling itself down, as well as the breathable weave of the fabric will help your body breath and cool down, no matter the weight or fabric of your dress. 

It’s time to choose the footwear. The best thing you can do is to choose an open toe shoe. This will allow your feet to cool and to slow down the swelling that happens when our body gets warm. A sandal, whether flat or a heel is the ideal choice for an outdoor summer wedding. This Valentino Lace Up Sandal is great, because the wrap fastening means you can loosen or tighten the shoe throughout the evening to keep you comfy.

You have your bag with you, and we may as well fill it with things we will use, instead of random bits and bobs. 


  1. Refreshing Facial Mist – A quick spritz of this (on your face and back!) will feel great and will instantly cool you down. It will also help to set your makeup so you don’t have to worry about it dripping off in the heat. 
  2. Non crimp hair ties – Despite looking like a keychain, these hair bobbles will allow you to throw your hair up off your back to cool off, without adding unwanted crimps in it incase you decide to let it all flow loose again.
  3. Underarm Deodorant Wipes – Conventional deodorant is bulky and quite large to just throw in your purse. Instead you can discreetly throw some of these wipes in your purse, allowing for touch ups to keep you feeling fresh all evening long. 
  4. Keep some cool mints or gum in your purse. A quick bite on a strong mint will send a cool breeze right through you, but also keep you minty fresh!

Well you have your outfit, and the bag is packed. Best thing to keep in mind at an outdoor wedding is to remember to drink water. Although the open bars are screaming your name, alcohol is a sweat trigger as it causes the red blood vessels to dilate, so when you can grab a glass of cold water to balance the alcohol out!

Now you can feel confident RSVP’ing to the outdoor weddings and have fun without worrying about sweating through your dress or not looking picture perfect!

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Happy Sunday xox

Nudy Patooty

Friday Five

You can celebrate, you’re practically at the weekend! Whether your spend it relaxing with your feet up or running around playing catch up  on the errands you should have done during the week, it will be a good weekend for sure.

What I’m reading: Mastering Snapchat no matter where you are

If you are anything like us you have the Snapchat app, and often check it for pictures and stories from people you follow… but you always forget to capture the moments and laughs on snapchat yourself. But not to worry, this simple and easy to follow guide on how to snapchat while traveling from Fathom will have you snapping away in no time. 


  1. Learn the simple steps of what screen means what – the camera screen will appear every time you open your phone, Swipe to the right = your personal snaps and friends, Swipe to the left = your friends stories and brand stories (seen by all!)
  2. Learn how to add the puking rainbow and puppy dog ears – the fun face filters change daily
  3. Keep your friends updated on where you are with the location and event filters – once you have taken a picture simply swipe the screen to see the collection before posting.
  4. Learn how to say it all with text – once you have snapped a pic tap on the screen to add text, read more on how to edit the text to make it any colour or size you want!
  5. Who you going to send it to – learn how to keep a streak with your BFF’s or how to share your snap to everyone on your Snapchat

Read the simple crash course on Snapchat then give us a follow @nudypatooty to see behind the scenes on fashion and production secrets!

Life Hack: Hunting for a sale doesn’t have to be a thing anymore

Shoptagr has created a way to make shopping the sales more successful and faster. Take the hunting and searching game out of sale shopping, and instead let Shoptagr notify you when a product you tagged goes on sale. 


How does it work? If you use a chrome browser its easy, (or use the iOS app for your phone or tablet). All you have to do is download a chrome button that sits right on your browser in the top corner. Then when your browsing your favourite stores (choose from 400+ online retailers) simply choose your size in your favourite items and press the little Shoptagr button on your browser. 

Whats next? Choose when you want to be notified – a price drop, a percentage sale or low in stock. When its time you will get a notification right on your browser (or app) notifying you that its the perfect time to get that item.

This honestly changes the shopping game, not only does it remind you when an item is nearly out of stock, but it will tell you if something is back in stock! How many times have you sadly closed your browser because the dress you loved wasn’t available in your size. 

People doing good: Google adds 11 professional working Emojis for world emoji day 

90% of the online population uses Emojis on a daily basis, why not use it to better educate and empower the only population. Google proposed back in May 2016 to create a collection of Emojis that “represents a wide range of professions for women and men with a goal of highlighting the diversity of women’s careers and empowering girls everywhere” 


The 11 new emojis represent a wide array of working industries and fields – including teaching, medical, engineering, foods and agriculture. All which will be portrayed in varying skin tones as well as in both male and female genders. They also will be expanding existing emojis by including female representation – on many of the “fitness and activity people” emojis. 

Defiantly an exiting and inspirational change for young women as they see women can be part of any industry and activity that their male peers are apart of.

Nudy Patooty